Handmade Products For The Fearless

Three Years...

Three years of work and research brought us here. 

This was made for you.

about us

The Trio

We have three uniquely formulated hair products. Each product is designed to work differently in the hair. Find the product that allows you to be the best you - or just try out all three... that works, too. 

Our Wax Cream is designed as a multi-purpose product. It has the strength of a hair wax, with a smooth natural finish.

Our Pomade is a water-soluble formula made for a sleek shine and smooth finish.

Our Matte Paste is a dry product designed for high volume and texture.

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Our Secret Sauce

Our Grooming Oil is designed for multiple purposes - and not just for your hair. Add some extra nourishment in your life - your skin won't regret it.

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