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About Us

Dauntless Modern Grooming is a homemade, handcrafted, family owned brand located in Nebraska. The whole thing really started when my little brother passed away in 2012. When we lost him, I found myself looking for ways to connect with him and keep him close to me, and I found that in the art of men’s grooming. Grooming & fashion was something very important to Tyler, he loved purple skinny jeans and his long shaggy hair. He once told me, “Style should be fearless,” and that was something I have carried with me for a long time. 


A couple years after his passing, I found myself really engulfed in the grooming community, mostly as a silent observer. I finally found a hairstyle that worked for my crazy thick hair and I was watching grooming YouTube channels pretty much every day. I soon came to the realization that I could offer something myself to the grooming community, a place where people could come to get honest opinions on products, and tips on grooming. Soon after, I was introduced to the world of home-brewing when the Lockhart’s reached out to me for a review. I was instantly intrigued by what they were doing and began my quest to learn more about making products at home. This was also right around the time that I quickly realized two things about this process: 1-its not as easy as it looks, and 2-this was not going to be cheap. 


When it came to learning, I had some great help. Steve Lockhart of Lockhart’s Authentic & Wade Branson of Flagship Pomade Co. offered up tips along the way and really helped out, but a lot of it came from just making batch after batch after batch and really practicing and developing the skills needed to make product. As far as financing goes, we were lucky enough to be awarded a special entrepreneurial Scholarship from the University that both my wife Emma, and I graduated from.  


Now I just had to make something that was worth releasing. This was the process that took the longest. I recruited a team of testers from all over the country, both men and women to help me accomplish this and we tested products for 3 full years before arriving at the lineup of products that we released in 2019. 


For 3 full years now we have been sending products all over the world to our fearless family. Which, like our personal family was growing! We welcomed our second child, a baby girl-Amelia in December of 2020. With the business growing, and home commitments growing as well, I knew I needed some help. 


Enter Cody Branson, of Flagship Pomade. He and his amazing team took over production of the Dauntless lineup in early 2021. They are an incredible team over there, paying very close attention to how I made the products, and infusing the same care and attention to detail to every jar that I worked so hard to create. Having them on the team helped us to expand production to more countries, and get orders out to you guys faster! It also allowed me to take on a more directorial role, and come up with crazy ideas for new products. 


somewhere around mid-2021 I got probably my second craziest idea (A therapy school student making hair product in his kitchen being the first) I decided I wanted to take everything we had built and created... and change it. 


I wanted to see if we could do better. Align ourselves with the "fearless ethos" even more. I decided to change almost everything from the ground up: branding, products, the entire vibe. I wanted to go back to the root of what Tyler said-which at its core was that everyone should have the ability to express themselves-everyone. 


The Dauntless Modern Grooming lineup of styling aids were re-designed to benefit anyone, and everyone. We are done with labels. 


Our products are ethically sourced, & produced. Our products are proudly handmade by people who come from incredible families. Our products are made with healthy and nourishing ingredients. And at their core, our products are made for you.

  Your’s in Fearlessness,