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Texture Powder

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The Dauntless Texture Powder has been upgraded! 

From the ground up, we revamped the Texture Powder. It now comes in a very easy to use jar, with flip top lid. Simply open the lid and lightly sprinkle the powder onto the hair to reveal all its magic. 

We also include a sticker placed over the holes of the lid to help keep things in the jar while not in use or traveling. 

Inside this small jar contains layers of attributes, each designed to provide you with a specific function. We start with the clays-Bentonite & Kaolin. They provide you with texture, volume, and a dry matte finish. Immediately after you will see a smooth blend of Activated Charcoal, and Arrowroot Powder that refreshes the hair, provides additional texture, and gets rid of any second day oiliness that may reside in your hair-like a dry shampoo! After that your hair will be thickened, or plumped from an infusion of Silica Powder and to save it from getting too dry, Aloe comes in to keep the peace. After all of that, VP/VA Copolymer creates a sticky presence to take everything the powder has already provided, and hold it in place. 

You can also activate its "secret styling method" by taking some powder in your hands, adding a little bit of water to create a "mud-like" consistency and then adding it to damp hair, and blow-drying. 

This product is lightly scented to remove any natural scent the ingredients provide, with our signature "fearless" cologne fragrance. It is scented extremely light and almost un-noticeable. 

1oz Jar

Hold Strength: light-Medium

Finish: Matte Finish

Hair Types: Thick/Thin/Fine/Straight

Washout: Water-rinse


Styling with the Dauntless Texture Powder couldn’t be easier. Simply blow-dry your hair until fully dry, take the bottle and dap it around your head-applying the powder to the roots of your hair. Then move it around with your fingers to activate. You can also put the powder into your hands and then move it around your head directly if you prefer. This product can be applied lightly, or heavily for different results and outcomes.


Kaolin clay, Bentonite Clay, Silica Powder, Arrowroot Powder, VP/VA Copolymer, Activated Charcoal, Fragrance, Aloe Extract